Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Steinlager Pure

The Appearance is golden color, 1 finger of bubbly head which almost completely disappeared. As for smell, Non-existent. Seriously, I couldn't smell a thing, and my nasal passages aren't the slightest bit blocked at the moment. And the taste is so unbelievably bland. I guess it deserves a 2 for being very pure and not having any off flavors, but I would appreciate SOME flavour. And the mouthfeel is smoother than your average macro lager, good carbonation level. But even if most of Earth's population disagrees with me, I say a beer with no flavour does not make a good session drink. I think I may have just found the blandest 5% ABV beer on Earth. I'm pretty sure that is close to what Steinlager wanted to achieve in brewing this beer, but that still does not mean it deserves a good review score.

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