Sunday, February 20, 2011

Southampton Publick House Double White

Double White pours a pale golden color and is fairly hazy. The head is soft and fluffy. It has good retention, and leaves sheets of frothy lace on the glass.

The aroma is nice and tart with a pretty strong lemony citrus and coriander. It carries with it some wheaty sweetness and a bit more astringent grain character than I would want, but overall it is a very refreshing aroma.

The flavor is just as refreshing with a huge amount of lemon zest flavors. It is both sweet and tart at the same time (mostly tart) with some white pepper and coriander. The malt character is super wheaty and has some apple or pear like qualities that are quite tasty. There is a very nice sort of peach character that is in there at well, which I find very enjoyable.

The mouthfeel is medium with effervescent carbonation. Very lively but with a decent body to it and a quenching finish that is fairly dry, but with a floral sweetness in the finish.

Quite drinkable and a great Americanized version of the style. The extra size and bold flavors make drinking this beer stand out from the classic examples, but in a good way

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