Saturday, October 9, 2010

Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project Jack D’or

Let me start off with saying, Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project is one of my favorite breweries.
22oz bottle to Blue Point pint glass. Very hazy yellow, with slight orange tinge. Head is a small top covering of pure white bubbles. Not the large fluffy head you expect from a saison.

The nose is dominated by the yeast strain. A bit of grass and biscuit in the background. Banana and clove primarily.

The taste is very similar to the smell, the saison yeast strain is more fruity than peppery and spice. Faint mingling of floral hops and a bit of grass. A bit of graininess in the beginning.

The mouthfeel is very smooth, doesn’t have a strong zip to it like other saisons. Carbonation is also lower than some of the more traditional versions from overseas. Very light on the tongue.

Saisons are a very drinkable style for me. And at just over 6% this one is straightforward and unobstrusive. A bomber is a good size for this beer. Has a thirst quenching property that makes you return for that second pint. Well done.
Even my Turkish Angora Roxie loves it. I got up to text someone while my phone was charging in the other room and come back to her drinking it out of the glass. Now I don’t support getting your pets drunk, and I did shoo her away so she couldn’t have anymore.

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